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I wish the shadows were not on so much of the door.

I wish the shadows were not on so much of the door.

Looks like I made it past the first round of the Teach for America application. I also qualified enough or was picked to not have a phone interview. In a week or so I get to sign up for the day long interview which better be in Santa Barbara or I might drop the application and move on. I don’t think I would be able to travel to L.A. or elsewhere for the day just for an interview. It is not that I am not dedicated but I don’t think I would physically be able to do so.

However if it is anywhere in Santa Barbara I will be able to make it and go for the next stage. Before then I need to find two recommenders and a reference for the application. I am no stranger with asking for letters of recommendation but unlike graduate school applications these can be from academic, professional or extracurricular positions. 

I thought about asking my professors for the letters but I feel that they have not known me in a situation to evaluate me for a teaching type position. Instead I will ask people I have either worked for in a stable job or as a computer consultant. I am asking them since as a computer consultant I often need to teach or instruct my clients on how to use certain features, avoid particular problems or just familiarize them with a new OS. These are the qualities that I feel can best be expressed in a letter of recommendation.

Besides they are easier to bribe then professors.

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