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Applying to graduate school is a long journey.

Applying to graduate school is a long journey.

I was shocked this week to find that the University of Washington has sent out their decision on graduate applications. Maybe not the whole school but the Earth and Space Science Department did, on Friday I heard from them.

And I have been accepted into the University of Washington’s Earth and Space Science department as a Research Assistant in the Experimental Space Science group. Neat.

Now that I have actually been accepted to one place I feel that I can start a series of posts describing my process of applying to graduate school from the start to now. I did not want to start this until I actually got in so I would have some legitimate claim to know what I am talking about, though this has not stopped me before.

I will also add a page describing all of my info along with school I have applied too and their responses if any so far. I hope this will help give someone with a similar situation an idea of where they can get in. I would like to note that I took the template and the idea from the Physics GRE Discussion forum and their thread on applications.

A general outline of what I hope to cover:

  • How to find a graduate school.
  • Contacting schools and professors.
  • The Physics GRE
  • Organizing and tackling online applications.
  • Writing a personal statement.
  • What to do once the online application is complete.
  • Alternatives to graduate school.

Since I have not started I will probably change or elaborate as more things come to my mind. 

I am just excited that the first school I heard back from was an acceptance, the same happened when I applied to college except the rest were rejections (luckily UCSB was my first choice). I hope the rest of my graduate applications are not rejections but if they are the University of Washington is one of my top choices (I had not distinct number one).

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