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\Now to wait for the machinations of graduate committees.

Now to wait for the machinations of graduate committees.

With the online application complete, letters of recommendation secure and the personal statements done there is not much left to do. With the online application submitted a period of worry can start over whether documents like GRE test scores, official transcripts and letters of recommendation actually made it to the universities.

So far the universities with an online letter of recommendation system are not able to process letters mailed in and check them off on the online application. For one they said that the application was complete even though the listed a letter as missing. When in doubt you can e-mail the department but keep in mind that they have mountains of paperwork and sorting to do what with all of the stuff coming in.

To keep myself sane (an important thing to do) I made another list. If you cannot tell I am a fan of lists, especially in this process. I altered my previous school list with just the non-applications tasks I had remaining such as registering and uploading secondary information to asking about transcripts.

Just make sure everything arrives by the due date, my challenge was in the letters of recommendation. When everything was in relax there is nothing else you can do. At this point it might be wise to make sure that you are scheduled to graduate on time.

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