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Look, it is science!

Look, it is science!

I have spent all day slightly sick writing my lab report for the above pictured lab. Twenty hours of lab work for seven data points. Not a particularly good return but I did learn something. I really dislike writing up lab reports in Microsoft Word. It is not only a pain but an agonizing experience that can only be likened to something involving bamboo shoots and toe nails.

Suffice to say that I spent the time writing my report downloading TeX for Mac so I can write my next lab report in LaTeX. I heard that it is better and it just looks more professional and science like. I mean why can’t Word support normal MathML so I could just write my equations in Mathematica and paste them in. I suppose I could learn the office special math language but for that effort I think I will just learn LaTeX as it will actually be useful in the future.

Back to the lab report, I enjoy (mostly) doing the labs but writing the report is sort of painful. I mean it is hard to write well about steps taken from a lab manual to get a desired result. 

At least I have the rough draft finished.

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