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Rain is coming again to Santa Barbara.

Rain is coming again to Santa Barbara.

I just read that my laptop has been added to Apple’s vintage and obsolete product list. I believe I can still get parts if needed as I live in California and there is some state law or exception requiring parts to still be available. I think at least, to be honest the article is not really clear.

Overall though I am quite happy with the longevity and reliability of my Powerbook G4. When Apple shifted to the MacBook Pro line and left the PowerBook line my computer still felt new as the case did not undergo a change. That combined with taking good care of my laptop makes many people think that my laptop is new, they are shocked to find out how old it actually is (I love metal over plastic for that reason). 

Sure there are some missing parts, namely I don’t have two feet and I am missing a screw on the side. A bit of painters tape replaced the feet and a single screw is not that important. In the last year I maxed out the RAM and the upgraded the hard drive which really gave it enough to last until the end of this year.

I will have to upgrade though, not because it is not fast enough (well maybe a little) or because it is broken but because the processor is the wrong architecture. I need an intel processor so I can run various Windows only lab software like AutoCAD programs, FPGA programming software and probably MatLab.

Until the day I need to upgrade eventually comes my PowerBook and I will keep on going.

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