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Don't really know why I like this photo.

Don't really know why I like this photo.

I wanted to like Vectorworks. I really did. It just did not click with me.

Of course it would have helped to have a computer that met the minimum, the software was having trouble displaying all of the vertex points and edges on a basic wireframe model I imported. I still have it installed and might try it out in the future when my deadline is not quite as close.

Instead I went to a computer lab on campus and used Solidworks. I have used it in the past so there was no learning curve and I finished what I needed to model. This of course does not mean that I like Solidworks. In fact I don’t like it.

I think it has to do with it being a piece of CAD software that I want to act like a 3D Modeling/Animation software suite. I learned on 3DS Max and now that I don’t have access to that I use Wings3D whenever I feel like modeling (not often). There is a fundamental difference in the fundamental approach between Vectorworks, Solidworks and Wings3D.

I just wish that either Wings3D or even Blender (I semi-understand it) could output drafting files with dimensions and screw holes.

I can only dream.

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