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The roof of the San Francisco Academy of Science.

The roof of the San Francisco Academy of Science.

Today I was accepted into the Physics and Astronomy department at the University of British Columbia. This is not an official acceptance yet as the graduate school itself has to also accept me into the program. It is nice in a way to hear back at this stage, it means that in the near or semi-near future I will get a definite yes or no from the school (I am in the same state with New Hampshire).

Unlike the other programs I applied to this one is a Masters program in Canada. I would have applied to the doctoral program but I could not, instead one transfers into the program from within the masters program. I really don’t know how I feel about this method of doing things, on one side if it turns out that I really dislike the school or simply research in general I can stop easily at a Masters and move on. Or I could continue onwards.

Once I hear back from the graduate school officially I will see if they have a day to visit or at least more information about the process. I am hesitant about the UBC for two main reasons: the lack of communication (sent by mail instead of e-mail and in general) and I don’t know if they have enough research that I am interested in at the school.

Reading the acceptance the year pay was listed at $20,000, normal for a program. Except it is probably in Canadian dollars. I then checked craigslist for a quick view of the cost of living and housing was on par with Seattle in terms of the numbers being shown and they were also probably in Canadian, so it will be a comparable to the other schools in pay.

Just waiting now to get more information, in the meantime I have next weekend scheduled for the University of Washington open day.

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