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Bountiful bunches of butterflies bask broodily.

Bountiful bunches of butterflies bask broodily.

Naming photos can be a challenge at times. On one side you want the name to reflect the content of the photograph so it can be found or identified easily and on the other side you want some originality in the name. On one hand lists of names like Butterfly 1, Butterfly 2 etc. may be good identifiers though they don’t express much. On the other hand names like Bountiful Bunches, King of the Skies and Monarchs on Parade may allude to the content except they are vague. They could respectively be about grapes, eagles and a ceremonial procession.

I have yet to find a good balance in naming, especially when I produce two versions of the same photo. In that case I inevetibly wind up with Goleta Dock Single Raw 1 and Goleta Dock HDR 2; when I decide on the final it looks odd to have the tag HDR 2 but that is how it is named in my library. To be fair most of my photos are DSC_00023.NEF for their names, uploading gives them names and sometimes can give me pause.

Instead of going by what the immediately comes to mind when I see the photo I could have a list of literary sources nearby to consult for random words of erudition.

I will have a system eventually.

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