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I need more time to take photos.

I need more time to take photos.

I have been told that I need to take fluffier classes. I agree wholeheartedly; for my last quarter I am signed up for fluffy easy classes. Well comparatively easy.

For some reason I don’t think many would consider General Relativity an easy class. I am also signed up for Non-linear phenomena as a fun elective, though I may drop it for a class without homework sets, a final or reading but still a physics course. The problem is that GR is going to be a hard class that I really want to take. I dropped two other classes (I was signed up for 6 classes) until a friend pointed out that I won’t need any of them, the professors are not that good and I could learn the material from the book without the class.

It is just really hard to not sign up for seven physics courses in my last quarter since I want to learn about it all. I suppose I can just take them in graduate school.

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