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Oddly all of the vendors sold coca-cola.

Oddly all of the vendors sold coca-cola.

When on the Boston subway I saw something that I thought was a very clever marketing technique. It was not the blanketing of a station with ads like the photo above, rather it was a short movie clip painted onto the subway wall.

Normally in subway trains the walls between stations are black or mildly lit (assuming an underground station). On one of the lines in Boston an advertising company put up series of posters under lights at just the right spacing to create (as seen from the train) a short movie.

The technology behind it is not radical but I appreciated the deployment and the novelty made me remember their ad (a short clip for the movie Coraline). At the moment it seems like a good place for advertisements, thought I say this before all the walls are plastered with commercials. Fortunately there is no sound. Yet.

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