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Radar Headphones



My Bose headphones occasionally pick up interference from microwave or near microwave sources. I am guessing microwave as they react to cell phones occasionally. I have experienced this with other types and models of speakers both computer and car so I not it is not specific to my headphones.

With that said, I was sitting in LAX setting up camp near a power outlet as I waited for an airplane when I got a tick in my headphones. I thought it might be from the video I was watching so I stopped it.

Nope still there. Unplugged from my computer and the tick remained. It was fairly regular and as I started to move noticed it was highly directional. I changed seats which barely did anything.

Near that point I realized what it was: the airport radar. I moved behind a concrete wall and get rid of the sound to the point where I could not notice it.

Never thought that my headphones could pick up radar.

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