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Star Trek

The first US satellite, Explorer 1

The first US satellite, Explorer 1

Last night my friends and I watched the new Star Trek movie. Further enhancing the experience of the movie a physics professor from our department coincidentally sat next to us. We were by far the coolest row in the theater.

I like Star Trek as a whole, but I am not a Trekkie. I have seen a few of the movies, episodes from most of the series and enjoy watching them. However I do not have any of the movies or episodes memorized, I can’t spot small plot holes or facets that are out of line with previous Star Trek franchises. I can say that I did enjoy the movie.

The movie was fun, the casting worked for all of the characters and some of the cheesy or predictable scenes worked well in the movie as a whole. I appreciated some small touches in the film such as space being silent and there being no fixed ‘up’ in space.

After watching the movie I want to go and watch the original series, something I would not have done without seeing the film. I also want to see this cast and interpretation be expanded into the future as either a TV show or movies.

My favorite like of the entire film: “Jim, I’m a doctor not a physicist!”.

After the film I felt the inspiration to pursue and continue our exploration into space. Lucky for me this is already what I have been planning on going into for a while now.

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