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Lots of watching, few whales.

Lots of watching, few whales.

On Saturday I went whale watching out of Santa Barbara. Aside from some whale-ducks and whale-pelicans there were no whales.

Before heading out I had to decide what lens to bring with me, I did not feel that I would have a chance to change lenses on the boat and I was right (it was about 40 feet). In the end I just brought my 55-200mm f/3.8 VR Nikkor lens. For only a few situations did I want a faster autofocus and wide angle, namely while dolphins were swimming under and around the boat. Also video would have been pretty neat but is completely beyond my camera. Even though it was a full overcast day (due to fires) it was bright enough and none of my photos were blurred.

I had no problem holding the camera in one hand and the rail in the other after getting over the initial seasickness. Once I had the camera in one hand I pretty much kept it at either 200mm or 55mm with rarely any in between, unless photographing someone on the boat.

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