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The morning sun through the smoke as ash fell on campus.

The morning sun through the smoke as ash fell on campus.

The fires are over in Santa Barbara, or at least over in that those evacuated can return. In the past I have either been out of the country for the big Santa Barbara fires or they have been in non-threatening locations like Gaviota Pass.

This time though I know at least three people directly effected.

My classmate was evacuated Wednesday at 3am, he had a flight in the morning out of LAX. While he was not displaced that much from the fires he did not  have a chance to pack and wound up moving back in at 1am Monday morning. For him he was just greatly inconvenienced.

My Astrobiology professor had a stroke of luck. Evacuated Wednesday that night he saw his house on TV with the angle showing flames leaping up from his roof line. Eventually he found better footage and found that his neighbors house had burned down. The house across the street burned down. His other neighbor had their yard burned down. His roof took some superficial fire damage but otherwise survived.

A professor who I had for sophomore lab, and who wrote me a letter of recommendation, lost his house. The fire engulfed it and burned it down. I have not heard anything from the department yet about, but I would not be surprised if there is a fund or some sort of communal support from the students.

But now this fire is over, but it will not the last of the year. Last summer the entire state was on fire, hopefully this year will not be as flammable as the last.

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