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A friendly bush.

A friendly bush.

I really enjoy non-tagging graffiti, especially when it is artistic, political or absurd.

Recently on campus there has been a series of chalk graffiti in the form of chat bubbles coming out of trees, trash cans and sprinklers with phrases like “You just made my day”, “Relax”, “Take it easy” and “Nice shirt”. When I first saw one I sort of glossed over, then I noticed another and eventually a string of them stretching out from the library. Without my camera I resorted to the next best thing: my camera phone.

I found ten of them in the first go and found another today. Unfortunately I could not get a picture of the eleventh as I was running late, I also saw one partially rubbed out. Tomorrow I will venture to capture these and hunt for a few more.

Overall UCSB tends to like stencil an chalk graffiti.

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