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Deep thought out at sea.

Deep thought out at sea.

Last week I was asked by a philosophy friend of mine a question posed to him by a graduate student in his department: When does a haircut end?

Well the first response was when you pay for the haircut. That does not hold up as those who get haircuts at home would have never had a haircut.

A set time after a haircut will not work since the time limit is arbitrary and cannot distinguish between two successive haircuts or a break by the hair dresser.

An opinion of the person getting a haircut falls down since a stubborn person (or a philosophy major) might just never accept their haircut has ended and that they are in a perpetual state of haircut.

One could say it ends when you stand up from the chair but this posits the requirement that you are sitting for a haircut and that can easily be circumvented by a single philosopher.

In the end I decided a haircut ends when the person gets home, looks into the mirror and realizes that their hair will never be cut in such a way to make them look like they have always wanted too.

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