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Lost shoes in Isla Vista.

Lost shoes in Isla Vista.

At first I was going to write about how I thought that putting textbooks on the Kindle was a bad idea, then while writing I realized that I was wrong.

Wrong in the sense that from my point of view (a physics student) I need physical textbooks so the Kindle did not work for me, however by the sound of it it would work really well for a lot of other majors.

Thinking to my general education classes such as history or comparative literature it would have been easier to throw the multitude of fifty dollar textbooks onto a Kindle to carry to class instead of hauling around the glossy pages. The same goes for art history courses, geography and film studies. Those books are just flat out heavy and unneeded once the course is over.

Some classes cannot be fully transfered to a device like the Kindle. Any language class needs workbooks, upper division science books (for the most part) would serve better in paper format and quick reference books like tables of integrals.

One reason I would really like a Kindle (or would have early on) is so I can store all of the homework assignments, solutions and online lecture notes together in one place. Reading PDFs off the screen is not very pleasant, having them together would really facilitate studying and homework. Especially when you put all of the lecture notes from all of your major classes onto the device.

That would be pretty sweet.

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