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Freeb!rds, the standard destination of Isla Vista.

Freeb!rds, the standard destination of Isla Vista.

Nothing make you feel more like a slacker then sitting a table with friends at a departmental awards ceremony and being the only one to not get highest academic honors, just normal academic honors.

This is of course a recurring problem that I have faced throughout my college career. I happen to hang out with science majors (physics mostly) who are the very top of the class, consequently I use them as a benchmark for what is to be considered normal. I feel like a slacker since I have no papers published, only one year of basic research, don’t know complex mathematical techniques and have not spent summers working in labs.

The only reference I have to what the average student does is the guys I live with. If I did not live with seven random people (always a roll of the dice) then I would assume that everyone has the same standards and dedication as physics majors. Still it is hard to undo perceptions of normal built up over the last four years.

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