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End of Homework

The sun actually came out today.

The sun actually came out today.

Today I turned in my last homework assignment of my undergraduate degree. While I still have a lab report and presentation there are no more problem sets or hours spent involved in math. Only four more classes left until the end, then finals. The end is soon but it still feels far away, mostly because there is this lab report in the way.

On an unrelated note (sort of) we discussed the Cosmological Constant, Λ, today in general relativity. Most notably the difference in the predicted value based on dimensional analysis (usually a few orders of magnitude correct) and the measure value. The measured value was 10^50 the predicted value. This is the biggest failure of dimensional analysis in all of physics.

Overall I have liked upper-division physics a lot more then lower-division especially for the times when we discuss what we do not know. Learning what we know is nice and all but the uncharted territory is a much more interesting subject (like quantum gravity, I mean an infinite set of coupled equations can’t be that hard…).

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