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I don't think these guys are gainfully employed.

I don't think these guys are gainfully employed.

Funemployment, a new lifestyle based on happy living while lacking a job. I read about it in the San Francisco Weekly, it seems like a perfectly legitimate idea and one that I would embrace if I was in the same situation. Oddly one of the funemployed that was interviewed is only three or five years away from where I am: she grew up one city over from where I did and graduated from UCSB.

Looking at the numbers of what they have to live off of I was a little surprise that they could live happily on unemployment checks, then I did the math.

$475 a week unemployment checks.

$400 a month COBRA health insurance.

= $375 a week in pay or $19,500 a year.

The amount I am getting paid for graduate school:

$1660 a month.

Full health, dental and vision insurance.

= $20,500 a year.

And least my funemployment will last a full five years and involve rockets (and a lot of work).

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