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The bike rack successfully keeps the lagoon locked up.

The bike rack successfully keeps the lagoon locked up.

Last week this blog managed to get slightly over one hundred visits in one day!

I know this because I am horribly addicted to any live statistics given to me for free, especially ones relating to myself. I periodically (maybe once or twice a day) check to see how many visits Walk the Grass has received for no other reason then the numbers are there.

The one thing I would love to know is the why behind the number of visits in a given day. Are they random searched showing up here just once? Regularly readers coming everyday? Or strange linkages across the internet?

Most importantly I would like to know why people read this blog, for the daily pictures, the content or one of the few popular posts I have written?

In case you are wondering about the last one it is my post on the Think Tank Streetwalker which has garnered almost 1,500 views since writing it.

Based on the stats I should do more articles on ThinkTank Photo gear, Photomatix Pro and GeekTools. Hopefully over the summer I can do the first two (I will probably work this summer at ThinkTank again) and I may do the last if I get a new laptop that won’t be bogged down by GeekTools.

Anyway, 101 visits in a single day, neat.

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