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I need to start taking new pictures again.

I need to start taking new pictures again.

Readily available information, such as package tracking, is both a blessing and a curse. In my case a curse mostly.

Last week I ordered a new MacBook Pro to replace my Powerbook G4 and also opted to get a free iPod Touch with the order. They shipped a day apart out of China swung around the Pacific to Alaska then made their way to Oakland.

Because the iPod was a day ahead I sort of knew what to expect in terms of times for the MacBook Pro, instead of refreshing once every few hours like I normally would I am refreshing the tracking information every ten minutes around when I think it should be updated.

I received my iPod yesterday and my MacBook Pro arrived in Oakland last night. I held up hope that it could make it onto a delivery truck this morning, yet that is not the case. The curse of this wealth of information is that while I can find the exact minute a package leaves a location the site with the information listed is only updated once, perhaps twice a day.

Now I must wait another day for my laptop to arrive, even though it left only a day after the iPod it must have encountered some harsher customs in Alaska or had a higher wind resistance due to its size.

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