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As I leave UCSB I depart with my trusty Powerbook.

As I leave UCSB I depart with my trusty Powerbook.

Today I leave my trusty Powerbook G4 for a new MacBook Pro. As part of my graduation gift I need to set up my Powerbook for my Brother and trust that he will take as good care of it as I have.

It is an oddly sentimental parting, I know that the Powerbook will remain in the family, in fact I can see it every day.

And yet…

It is traveled the world with me, spent four years of college and I have changed so much since I received it after my high school graduation four years ago.

This is also the first time I am not migrating my hard drive I have been migrating, upgrading or archive and installing all of my computers since OS X was initially released. So simply moving my files over and reinstalling the applications seems like a fresh start in a way, yet at the same time it feels like I am losing something.

I will miss the stubborn latch, the custom feet made of painters tape, the noisy DVD drive and all of the dents and dings that I felt personally when the computer received them. I have become so used to the hardware that using the new MacBook Pro makes me feel slightly fumbling and awkward.

Now I need to move forward, embrace my new laptop and customize it so it feel like mine again.

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