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Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge in the summer fog.

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge in the summer fog.

I had a graduation party last Saturday with my family and family friends. I was just happy to have everyone there but it appears that many brought congratulatory cards and even gifts. I was completely blown away by the unexpected generosity. They ranged from cash to gift cards to local restaurants. The idea being that I could use these to help start myself up in Seattle for graduate school, sort of like wedding gifts for a college graduate.

One thing I have had ingrained in me since a young age is the importance of thank you cards.

While in recent years it would be easier to send out e-mails thanking for gifts, as all of my communication is by email, I find it more important to send out handwritten thank you notes.

Those who I have received gifts from have told me how they appreciated the thank you cards, often in light of them not receiving any from someone else.

Of course someone is more likely to get gifts in the future, or at least appropriate gifts (I have yet to receive a hand knit hat with ear flaps) when the person giving the gift is thoughtfully thanked.


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