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A basket in the San Francisco Asian Art Museum.

A basket in the San Francisco Asian Art Museum.

At my grandmother’s house today an interesting thing happened: a bullet hole appeared in a glass door.

If we were in a city or in an area with a particularly active night life this might not be surprising. However she lives in the mountains with roughly an acre of land behind here and the hold appeared in the back of her house. Looking at the hole the first thing I tried to determine is whether the projectile went through or ricocheted off and based on the small hole (about a millimeter) I figured it simple bounced off, though the bounce did leave a conical explosion of glass on the inside of the pane.

Knowing it bounced off I looked at the shape of the hole to figure out the rough direction it came from, then assuming a bounce that is perfectly elastic and something akin to Snell’s Law (though it is not a wave, at least not appreciably) I figured out the direction the projectile should have flown. Unfortunately I could not find it, though it is likely from a BB gun or other non-lethal weapon.

Or at least we hope.

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