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ISS Sighting

A slightly humorous sticker in Boston.

A slightly humorous sticker in Boston.

At the beginning of last weekend I read about how the past few days would be excellent in the realm of seeing the International Space Station fly over. As someone interested in space and the likes I was excited to have multiple opportunities to see it.

Using the sighting site I found the best times (i.e. not 4 am) for seeing the ISS fly over. For where I was it was Monday night.

Monday rolls around and I completely miss the first sighting at 9 pm, I was not worried as there was another one at 10:45 pm. It was headed from the West to the South in the sky with a peak height of 40˚ above the horizon. Fairly easy to spot I believed.

Since I was out at my Grandmothers house in the mountains the light pollution is very low and the skies are clear.

I forgot one crucial fact: she also lives in a veritable forest.

The trees and the full moon conspired against me and I could not see it. Once out of this forest I hope that I can spot it through the light pollution of suburbia.

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