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Flickr Upload

San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall

I used to be a lot more diligent at uploading my photos to Flickr. At first when I posted a photo on this blog I immediately uploaded it, now I have a slowly growing folder of photos that I mean to upload.

So when I got the latest edition of iPhoto there was a built in upload to Flickr options, I was looking forward to it in the hopes that it would streamline everything. Then I tried it.

It almost works for what I need, almost. Except that I cannot designate a photo to not belong to a set, instead it creates a new set with the name of the folder/event in which the photo resides. This is a problem for those of us with free accounts and only three (unused) photo sets. I always mean to upgrade to pro and create wonderful sets of photos and organize everything.

Now I need to tackle two weeks of photos to upload.

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