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The Plan

A... slug?

A... slug?

I did some consulting work today and helped another person get onto Facebook.

It seems to me that a good resource for many people (mostly mid-forties to mid-seventies) would be a Facebook Primer. Something that gives them information on how to sign up, what it is used for, how to use it and basic privacy information. At least if I wrote one I could print it out and give it to people to help them transition into the new world of social networking.

So far I found that people who are motivated and want to get on Facebook (self-employed professionals) are interested in how to use it and what it is good for.

Meanwhile other demographics (my grandmother say) see it as an this new fangled thing they have to get on because one of their social groups is posting the photos to it (or a group members relative at least) so now that have to be on it dammit.

Maybe a basic introduction to The Facebooks would help many out, or at least give me a reference for setting people up.

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