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He's happy for one year of Walk the Grass

He's happy for one year of Walk the Grass

Today marks the one year anniversary of Walk the Grass.

Whew, one post a day for a whole year and I am still here. I am glad that I have been able to stay dedicated to writing a little bit each day and this blog has motivated me to go take photos as I hoped it would. It also adds some slight structure to every day, keeps me creative and forces me to take a break from whatever I am doing.

Two things have consistently surprised me while writing for the last year:

  1. The popular posts are never the ones that I think will be popular.
  2. People are consistently reading what I write.

Well I assume that it is what I am writing, it could very well just be the photos that draw people to my posts. Either way it is good feeling to know that your creative works are being shared with others.

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