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My lenses were perfectly clean for this photo.

My lenses were perfectly clean for this photo.

I just spent the week in Pasadena in Southern California. Several of the jaunts made during the week were into Los Angeles.

It almost seems like a different state, except that I have not really been to many other states so I can’t necessarily compare. While I have lived in Santa Barbara for three years it is not quite at the same level as Pasadena/LA.

There were some definite surprises while I was there, the Huntington Library (and gardens) were very nice. They had some good exhibits (one on science) and nice green gardens. I don’t think they conserve as much as residents. Also the Griffith Park Observatory was really fun. Aside from being all about astrophysics it was really cool to see a lot of kids and adults interested in science.

They did have a large tesla coil that I could not find the on switch for, one day.

Also Southern California has a lot of frozen yoghurt places that sell the whole thing (including toppings) by the ounce. Either they do not exist or I have not found them around Sonoma county. I think it is a really good idea but do not know the extent or viability of the business model outside of Southern California.

The biggest surprise of the trip was the free wifi on the Airport Express bus from Oakland Airport. Stream the Colbert Report in traffic is just flat out neat.

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