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6.5" 220W max speakers for the low price of $50!

6.5" 220W max speakers for the low price of $50!

So I ran into a few problems while installing new speakers into my car (1991 Nissan 240SX Hatchback).

The first was the mounting brackets for the front door did not fit, a dremel tool and some extra long screws fixed that problem.

The second is a little harder to fix. The instructions I was working off of said that the rear speakers were 6.5″ speakers, so I went to Bestbuy and bought a combo package of stereo deck and 6.5″ speakers. It was not until I already installed the stereo deck that I looked at the back speakers to find that they were in fact 4″ x 6″ as well.

Now two options stood before me: I could start cutting and make the 6.5″ speakers fit or I could get new speakers. But what to do with the old speakers? I could return them but then I would have to take out the stereo deck that is already all wired up. Furthermore I looked at the receipt and they are not even listed, it just lists the front speakers and the stereo deck, I got the 6.5″ speakers for free. This leaves me with the option to sell them.

If anyone in Sonoma county and wants to buy a pair of 6.5″ speakers let me know. Until then I am driving around with just the new front speakers on.

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