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Family Photo

A very mustached fish swimming large in his pond.

A very mustached fish swimming large in his pond.

I found out at a recent family event that taking large group pictures is a difficult task.

Especially when you are in the photo.

Using a remote I was able to take an almost non-stop stream of photos, problems started to arise when an the audience started to realize that there was an indicator light every time the shutter closed. Up until then they all smiled (roughly anyway) at the same time and I wanted to take a few frames before and after the signal to smile.

It was my goal in this to get a more relaxed photo of the large gathering when all it did in the end was give me photos with a few individuals with non-flattering facial expressions.

Out of around maybe thirty per set of family members I had to narrow it down to one. Luckily there was a set hierarchy for who was more important (first generation, second generation, second generation spouses etc.), knowing this I filtered out all the bad photos of the top people then out of those moved on to the next tier. In the end there was maybe one or two odd faces but only on the outskirts.

Overall though I was not really satisfied with any of the family portraits I took. The lighting did not remain as I wanted it too (outdoors) and the angle was not the best. But with people it is really hard to tell them to wait a few minutes while I readjust to retake that photo for the twelfth time. They seem slightly unhappy with that for some reason.

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