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Bad Person

Sadly his sword was lost long ago.

Sadly his sword was lost long ago.

For this trip up to Seattle (which I am currently in the middle of but scheduled these posts) I feel like a bad person. I usually only fly with carry-on, I make a strong point to do so. For this flight with my Mom we are checking the maximum allowed by both of us.

I am checking four bags full of my stuff for a flight. I really feel like a bad person doing this. On the way back it should be all carryon again with the bags collapsed inside of themselves or left at my Uncle’s.

Before starting to pack I looked up Southwest’s checked baggage policy, two bags each under fifty pounds and less then 62″ in linear dimensions. What could anyone pack that weighs fifty pounds in that small size? I was shocked that there were people bringing more as they had a provision for a fee for heavier bags.

Then I put four years of undergraduate physics books (and three math books) into one bag and realized: it was fifty pounds.

That showed me.

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