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Suzzallo Library

The reading room at the University of Washington.

The reading room at the University of Washington.

I figured that the best time to take a photo of the library reading room would be before the quarter started when it only contained a few grad students or those taking summer classes.

I wanted to do an HDR shot (which I did) but I did not have a tripod but I had a lot of desks. I balanced a book that was left laying around on top of the lights for a little more stability and to reduce the sound of the shutter (it is a library). The shots were not perfectly lined up however when reduced to an 800 pixel width it is hard to tell.

I want to do a better HDR in the future when it is either night outside or direct sunlight is coming through the stained glass. This was done with an overcast sky which was not impressive. Though it did let me get the full range of light with only three exposures.

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