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CPR/First Aid Training

The blasted zone around Mt. St. Helens is oddly beautiful.

The blasted zone around Mt. St. Helens is oddly beautiful.

Today was a full day of CPR and First Aid training provided by my department. Everyone who works in a lab (I believe) is required to have up to date emergency training.

I thought that this training would provide us the tools to treat different injuries with specialized techniques. Turns out that most treatment can be broken down into just a few key steps:

  • Call 911
  • Make sure they are breathing
  • Give CPR
  • Bandage wound
  • Prevent further injuries (as in seizure or spinal injury)
  • Call 911

Usually one of those or several will cover most major accidents. In a way I was relieved to find out there was not much i could do beyond CPR and calling 911. Stuff like splints, tourniquets and needles are going to almost always be dealt with by someone more trained then myself.

Two great pieces of advice that really helped my willingness to help someone if they need it:

  1. At the point someone needs CPR they are already essentially dead and CPR cannot make things worse.
  2. Performing CPR is to help them until further help arrives but more importantly so the person performing it can sleep at night.

Knowing those two things really boosted my confidence in CPR. Also the part where Seattle has some of the best EMT response times was also really nice t learn.

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