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This is the best uptime I have seen of any computer I have accessed.

This is the best uptime I have seen of any computer I have accessed.

The best uptime I have personal achieved was on my old Powerbook G4 with an uptime of 100 days when running 10.4. I have yet to be able to come anywhere near matching that uptime with either 10.5 or 10.6 (which has not broken ten days). Since I can now dual boot into Windows I will probably not be able to achieve a high uptime on my laptop. Even without the Windows partition I still have some issues to work out before I get it to be super stable.

The pictured uptime is from a computer in my lab, I just happened to check out uptime yesterday when it hit 500 days up. This particular one has a UPS and its own generator, it’s internet connection is also on a generator and UPS, so long as Seattle as a whole does not go on it will keep on going.

As for my laptop a few issues persist through 10.6. When I am running on my dedicated graphics card (instead of the integrated one) the system hangs for around twenty seconds every hour or so (so being ± 40 minutes). I think this is related to the 1.7 firmware update but I don’t know how comfortable I would be in downgrading the firmware. Especially since I think this computer shipped with 1.7 on it. The system also occasionally starts acting really weird requiring a logout. The last issue is that when I wake it from sleep some windows are blacked out for up to ten seconds before refreshing back to normal.

I might just need to do an erase and install with 10.6 instead of my current upgraded install. I don’t because my Microsoft Office and CS4 disks are in California while I am not. Add to those reinstalling Matlab (and Mathematica) and it is enough of a deterrent to reinstalling the OS, though I really should.

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