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Red Balloons


A Fallen Flower

A fallen flower flew back to its branch! No, it was a butterfly. -Moritake

DARAP is starting up a new challenge, this time for the 40th anniversary of the internet.

For a prize of $40,o00 you just need to find the latitude and longitude of ten red weather balloons scattered across the United States.

I don’t know if you can register in teams or if it is purely individual (at least officially). This will be fun to follow as I see several things occurring that could undermine the contest (or perhaps that is part of the contest).

  • People posting the location of the balloons online for everyone to access.
  • Doing the same but with slightly or completely incorrect data.
  • Fake balloons showing up where they will be conveniently found by others.
  • Selling balloon locations for cash or prize percentage (though I would not trust this).
  • A balloon being found then removed by the person who found it (this may just disqualify this particular balloon).

If I somehow find one of these balloons in Seattle somewhere I will probably fall into the first category and post its location online, though I won’t give the latitude and longitude as I don’t have a GPS.

I just hope that at least some fake balloons start showing up.


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