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Grad Student Holidays


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A festive place setting.

Wednesday was my first official University holiday as a graduate student. I had no idea what to do.

Classes were cancelled but should I go in to the office? Should I still do work? Or do I take the whole day off (to do homework)?

I decided to go in for the amount of time I would have worked on Wednesday anyway. Most of my officemates were there but my advisor was not, perhaps I could have worked from home.

Then there is the issue of the university breaks between quarters. I am pretty sure that I don’t get any of that time off aside for maybe Christmas and New Years. No where does it say how many paid vacation days I have during the year, I assume I have some but it might all just be unofficial and between me and my advisor.

There is also the possibility of unpaid vacation time and I may tap into that for a family trip to Norway during the summer.

I should just clarify all of this with my advisor.


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