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I call him Bitey.

Found out last night that my brother is moving to Colorado in the Denver-ish area.

I am taken aback by finding this out, I always thought that he would live in Sonoma (or maybe Lake) County. It feels odd thinking of him leaving for another area especially one that seems so far away.

Then I remember where I have lived over the past several years and it does not seem that far at all. Compared to Edinburgh, Santa Barbara and Seattle outside of Denver is not that bad.

I only have three experiences with Colorado and they all involve Denver. I flew there going to and from South Dakota when I was younger, I had a ten minute layover there last Spring (ran from my gate across the airport to board standby at the last minute) and from reading On the Road. Otherwise it is a big unknown.

Now I hope that I will be able to visit and learn about a country I have never really explored, namely the rest of America.


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