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I feel like this bike looks.

Sometime on Friday I came down with the flu. I have been in bed for the past forty hours and just now am I feeling well enough to sit at my desk.

It is a bit ironic that I came down with the flu the day that I found out I could get a H1N1 vaccine if I was healthy. Looks like there is no vaccine in my future.

I have come to realize, or at least remember, that I truly hate being sick. A combination of the weakness and inability to do anything. It is just a huge waste of time. And I was plagued (I use the past tense hopefully) with extreme tiredness to the point where I could not keep my eyes open for longer then twenty minutes. There was also headaches, body aches, slightly runny nose and chills.

Luckily my roommates have all been very understanding and have helped me where I needed it, mostly in buying my some sprite and providing some herbal tea. Mostly they have been out of the house though to avoid getting sick. And I don’t blame them, for my part I have been restricting myself to my room so I don’t spread anything.

Hopefully I am over the worst of it now and this is not a temporary lull in symptoms.


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