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Taken with a Lensbaby (which I have not used in a long time)


Well I wanted to make a poll for this post however it requires creating an account with a sister website to WordPress and I don’t feel up to that.

I was going to ask why people come to this site, it is something that I have always wondered about and now I am thinking of restructuring how I do things I would like to know what is actually valuable.

I am reconsidering the photo+text for every entry and may go for text only for some or photos only for others. I also need to reevaluate the once a day posting. I don’t know if I have the time for it anymore, at least not as a last minute thing at the end of the day.

I wonder this because I seem to consistently get about fifty or so visitors to the site everyday but the top posts are never the ones I write during the week. Either this is from the way that wordpress calculates the hits per post (such as viewing the main page does not count as a hit for a particular page) or only a few things I have written are ever read.

Hence the desire to have a poll. It is sort of just the desire to have some grasp on the statistics more so then a need to see what is popular.

The sample size would be too low anyway.

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I call him Bitey.

Found out last night that my brother is moving to Colorado in the Denver-ish area.

I am taken aback by finding this out, I always thought that he would live in Sonoma (or maybe Lake) County. It feels odd thinking of him leaving for another area especially one that seems so far away.

Then I remember where I have lived over the past several years and it does not seem that far at all. Compared to Edinburgh, Santa Barbara and Seattle outside of Denver is not that bad.

I only have three experiences with Colorado and they all involve Denver. I flew there going to and from South Dakota when I was younger, I had a ten minute layover there last Spring (ran from my gate across the airport to board standby at the last minute) and from reading On the Road. Otherwise it is a big unknown.

Now I hope that I will be able to visit and learn about a country I have never really explored, namely the rest of America.


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Yes Virginia

For most of my photo sharing I don't need a dSLR, I really need to get a new compact=

There is an add campaign on some of the buses in Seattle that make me smile every time I see them:

A large picture of a jolly Santa with the text : Yes Virginia, There is No God.

My camera on my cell phone cannot currently be classified as functional so I have no photo of it.

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No Shave November



Superbly shearless sheep.

I inadvertently decided to grow facial hair near the onset of No-Shave November an annual event that I did not know existed. I knew of the variant of Movember as an undergrad but never knew that many people to participate.

I am now ten days into not shaving and I still don’t know how I feel about it. I have been asking around for what I should do and there exists no uniform consensus (I decided to do this based on popular opinion). The one thing that has been brought up is that I need a haircut to accompany the emergent grad student beard.

Two concerns arise, the first being that I don’t know a good barber in Seattle and the second being I don’t know how to deal with the side-burn to beard transition area. I also just don’t like haircuts.

I have been trying to find a barber online using Google and Yelp, nothing has jumped out. I hope that if I ask some of the older grad students they will have a recommendation.


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Silverware on red tablecloth.

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Grad Student Holidays


Place Settings

A festive place setting.

Wednesday was my first official University holiday as a graduate student. I had no idea what to do.

Classes were cancelled but should I go in to the office? Should I still do work? Or do I take the whole day off (to do homework)?

I decided to go in for the amount of time I would have worked on Wednesday anyway. Most of my officemates were there but my advisor was not, perhaps I could have worked from home.

Then there is the issue of the university breaks between quarters. I am pretty sure that I don’t get any of that time off aside for maybe Christmas and New Years. No where does it say how many paid vacation days I have during the year, I assume I have some but it might all just be unofficial and between me and my advisor.

There is also the possibility of unpaid vacation time and I may tap into that for a family trip to Norway during the summer.

I should just clarify all of this with my advisor.


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Under the Sea

I need to go back to an aquarium for some photography.

I feel that I lament about not taking photos at least week. Maybe I should start complaining the lack of good entries and the occasional late post. Or I could just free write whenever this sort of thing happens.

However on this occasion I will just go for a photo and leave it at that.


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Peer Pressure



An innocent sticker.

Over the past week I have succumbed to peer pressure, I am growing out some semblance of facial hair. Almost all of the men in my department have some sort of beard, mustache or stubble.

It has almost been a week now and I am reaching an important juncture: what to do with it? Do I keep going without shaving, do I start to form some feature (like a Fu Manchu?) or do I just give it all up and go back to clean shaven?

I hope to form an answer by Saturday.


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Pub Trivia


Xian China

Xi'an China.

Quick fact from tonights pub trivia: China and Russia tie for bordering the most countries.


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Travel Inspiration



A path leading where?

I found this video on Succeed Blog about an awesome travelogue. It is from The Longest Way.

This is the sort of video that makes we want to go travel again, but this time without a set plan. Something like walking/biking from Inverness to Istanbul. At this point that needs to wait until I finish graduate school. I would want to do it with a large amount of saved up money, a plan and no time limitations.

This is the sort of dream worth fostering and working towards.


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