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Plenty of books to go around.

One aspect of moving away from home was the leaving of my precious books. Since moving up to Seattle I have brought up some necessary favorites (Pratchett, Martin, Jordan) but I have been hesitant to add to my collection. Mostly because I have the looming specter of moving and the daunting weight of books. There is also the budget issues of constantly buying new books (I have the luxury of reading during my commute). So I have taken advantage of the wonderful Seattle library system to fuel my literary reads.

The downside of this can be readily seen by book lovers everywhere, my bookshelf remains static. I cannot add my favorites and easily peruse all of the stories. This came to light recently when I tried to remember all of the books I have read recently and I could not remember the titles of a few of them (I knew the stories but not the names). Fortunately I stumbled across the book shelving website Goodreads.

Here I can input all of the books I have read, want to read and am currently reading. I can also add ratings which (in principal) will let me find new recommendations. You can also add friends however the only person on there actively is my Mom, I have one friend using it but they have not updated it in a while (to be fair I did not for a while myself).

Maybe one day I can go back and purchase all of the books I have read and fill up all sorts of bookshelves.

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The Gathering Storm

A foot path on the Isle of Skye.

A foot path on the Isle of Skye.

In the beginning of High School one of my best friends handed me a book he thought I would like, The Eye of the World, the first book in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I remember reading the book during the late months of school while floating in a pool, lost in the world of Aes Sedai and Rand al’Thor.

Since that day I have been kicking myself for starting a series that is incomplete. In fact this is the only series aside from The Song of Ice and Fire that I am reading that remains unfinished. Since then I have vowed never again to start in incomplete series no matter how good I am told it is.

Today I read the first chapter the latest Wheel of Time book, The Gathering Storm. I have mixed feelings about this book. First it was supposed to be the final in the series when it has now been split into three books, second it is co-authered with Brandon Sanderson since Robert Jordan unfortunately passed away while writing it and third I want to wait until it is done before starting it again. However I just read the first chapter that has been made available online and I now want to reread the entire series in preparation for the last three.

The hope is that if I start rereading the series I won’t catch up until maybe the second of the three books are released.

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