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I Will Not Get Sick


A windy beach.

I Will Not Get Sick.

I Will Not Get Sick.

I Will Not Get Sick.


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I call him Bitey.

Found out last night that my brother is moving to Colorado in the Denver-ish area.

I am taken aback by finding this out, I always thought that he would live in Sonoma (or maybe Lake) County. It feels odd thinking of him leaving for another area especially one that seems so far away.

Then I remember where I have lived over the past several years and it does not seem that far at all. Compared to Edinburgh, Santa Barbara and Seattle outside of Denver is not that bad.

I only have three experiences with Colorado and they all involve Denver. I flew there going to and from South Dakota when I was younger, I had a ten minute layover there last Spring (ran from my gate across the airport to board standby at the last minute) and from reading On the Road. Otherwise it is a big unknown.

Now I hope that I will be able to visit and learn about a country I have never really explored, namely the rest of America.


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Yes Virginia

For most of my photo sharing I don't need a dSLR, I really need to get a new compact=

There is an add campaign on some of the buses in Seattle that make me smile every time I see them:

A large picture of a jolly Santa with the text : Yes Virginia, There is No God.

My camera on my cell phone cannot currently be classified as functional so I have no photo of it.

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No Shave November



Superbly shearless sheep.

I inadvertently decided to grow facial hair near the onset of No-Shave November an annual event that I did not know existed. I knew of the variant of Movember as an undergrad but never knew that many people to participate.

I am now ten days into not shaving and I still don’t know how I feel about it. I have been asking around for what I should do and there exists no uniform consensus (I decided to do this based on popular opinion). The one thing that has been brought up is that I need a haircut to accompany the emergent grad student beard.

Two concerns arise, the first being that I don’t know a good barber in Seattle and the second being I don’t know how to deal with the side-burn to beard transition area. I also just don’t like haircuts.

I have been trying to find a barber online using Google and Yelp, nothing has jumped out. I hope that if I ask some of the older grad students they will have a recommendation.


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Peer Pressure



An innocent sticker.

Over the past week I have succumbed to peer pressure, I am growing out some semblance of facial hair. Almost all of the men in my department have some sort of beard, mustache or stubble.

It has almost been a week now and I am reaching an important juncture: what to do with it? Do I keep going without shaving, do I start to form some feature (like a Fu Manchu?) or do I just give it all up and go back to clean shaven?

I hope to form an answer by Saturday.


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I love momentum.

I Love Momentum

Since watching this video yesterday it has been on repeat in my head all day.

I think it would actually make an interesting exercise. Write further lyrics to the song with things you love.

Boom de yada

Boom de yada

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Darwin Clown

The hat stayed on!

Today is Halloween. Hooray costumes and candy!


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