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6.5" 220W max speakers for the low price of $50!

6.5" 220W max speakers for the low price of $50!

So I ran into a few problems while installing new speakers into my car (1991 Nissan 240SX Hatchback).

The first was the mounting brackets for the front door did not fit, a dremel tool and some extra long screws fixed that problem.

The second is a little harder to fix. The instructions I was working off of said that the rear speakers were 6.5″ speakers, so I went to Bestbuy and bought a combo package of stereo deck and 6.5″ speakers. It was not until I already installed the stereo deck that I looked at the back speakers to find that they were in fact 4″ x 6″ as well.

Now two options stood before me: I could start cutting and make the 6.5″ speakers fit or I could get new speakers. But what to do with the old speakers? I could return them but then I would have to take out the stereo deck that is already all wired up. Furthermore I looked at the receipt and they are not even listed, it just lists the front speakers and the stereo deck, I got the 6.5″ speakers for free. This leaves me with the option to sell them.

If anyone in Sonoma county and wants to buy a pair of 6.5″ speakers let me know. Until then I am driving around with just the new front speakers on.

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I had to wait outside for forty minutes for a fire alarm a couple of days ago, not fun.

I had to wait outside for forty minutes for a fire alarm a couple of days ago, not fun.

There are certain things in life I do not understand: wifi allergies, conspiracy theorists and audiophiles. Namely doing things like spending six hundred dollars for a super high fidelity audio cable less than three feet in length. Forever claiming that records sound better with the natural hiss and pops of dust. Custom ordering vacuum tube amps since those solid state transistors just don’t cut it  with their crossover distortion.

I just don’t get it.

So I was happy to read this article on the new up and coming music format preference.

In short the newer generations prefer 128 KBs mp3 recordings over vinyl, lossless formats or any other. The “warm” background sound of records is being replaced by the mp3.

In twenty years I want to see expensive equipment to transfer the latest lossless music format into good ol’ 128 KBs.

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