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A rusty bit of tonemapping.

A rusty bit of tonemapping.

Hopefully everyone has had a good Black Friday. I was not a full participant, I did not wait in line at 5am for doorbusters. Rather I helped move some very heavy conference tables and went out around six in the evening to do some shopping.

Not as much debris or wounded store staff as I expected.

For another set of Photomatix presets:I used Details Enhancer on this original photo:

  • Strength: 100
  • Saturation: 60
  • Luminosity: +2
  • Light Smoothing: High
  • Microcontrast: +6

Tone Settings:

  • White Point: 0.808
  • Black Point: 0.250
  • Gamma: 1.01

Color Settings:

  • Temperature: 0
  • Saturation Highlights: +1
  • Saturation Shadows: 0

Smoothing Settings:

  • Micro-smoothing: 2
  • Highlights Smoothing: 21
  • Shadows Smoothing: 22
  • Shadows Clipping: 0

After I finished setting this up and actually looked at the preset values I realized something: I used a previous preset to tonemap this. So I guess there is nothing new here.

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