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Career Fair


Some science doohickey at CERN.

Some science doohickey at CERN.

Last week I went to a Science and Technology Career Fair at my school to check out the possibilities for person with a B.S. in Physics. I friend of mine went before I did (he is not going to graduate school) and he told me that several companies were indeed looking for physicist. That news elevated my hope that there would be a chance for my to practice physics if graduate school completely fell apart on me.

I feel it cannot hurt to be safe.

At the fair itself I noticed that almost every table wanted some form on engineer. Many had signs stating which type of engineer or what engineering skills they wanted. Not a single one had a sign saying “Physics majors come here”. I talked to a couple of the companies my friend mentioned and they were indeed hiring physics majors, just not as physicist (a rare job title I believe). One was friendly and involved in Navy contracted for weapons testing. The other was hesitant about physics majors but said that they do hire us to help engineers occasionally, they too were Navy contractors.

A few more companies seemed partly interested in physics majors and they were all related to the defense industry in one way or another.

After the career fair I had a sudden strong motivation to get to work on my graduate school applications.

As a side note there are some sweet free pens at career fairs.

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