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Yes Virginia

For most of my photo sharing I don't need a dSLR, I really need to get a new compact=

There is an add campaign on some of the buses in Seattle that make me smile every time I see them:

A large picture of a jolly Santa with the text : Yes Virginia, There is No God.

My camera on my cell phone cannot currently be classified as functional so I have no photo of it.

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Seattle Metro

A castle is rarely late.

Dear Seattle Metro,

Thank you for having the 11:20pm bus not arrive. I appreciate the opportunity to wait fifty minutes at night for the 11:50pm bus to show up. If I had known that you decided to not send that particular bus I would have walked home and made it in less time then the consequent wait and ride time.

Also I appreciate your concern in regards to wanting to raise the price of quarterly bus passes to $250, that is such a great idea that I could buy a decent bike each quarter and ride it in instead of taking an overpriced, unreliable bus system.


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Health and Public Transit

Sometimes a bike does not cut it.

Sometimes a bike does not cut it.

I take the bus to the university every day and again at night to come home. Until recently I always knew to be careful of germs on the bus but it was not until this week that I become hypersensitive to the issue because I have been sick.

I do not want to spread the cold that I have, particularly today where I have been coughing quite a bit. As a person who likes systems and reasoning I have figure that I would use my left hand for covering my mouth when I cough and then use my right hand for interacting with public surfaces such bus rails and door handles. I have been coupling this with always washing my hands after taking the bus, arriving at a building and generally whenever a sink is available.

On the bus I have tried my best to not touch anything in particular the handles to hold onto while standing and the backs of seats for getting up or walking down the aisle. At first it was because I was sick but now that I started paying attention to these surfaces I don’t think I will hold onto them without washing my hands shortly after. Maybe I am turning into a germaphobe but if I can I use my forearm to stabilize myself instead of grabbing a questionable piece of metal.

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