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Not a great photo but you can see the rows of cell phones beneath the stage

Not a great photo but you can see the rows of cell phones beneath the stage

A phenomena that I have noticed at any college music event is the technological replacement of lighters. In the past (at least based iconographic images and the media) music concerts entailed many of the audience members holding up lighters and waving then slightly to the music.

Now cell phones have taken on that role. There is now a sea of blue screens held aloft by enthusiastic fans; oddly I believe that the band cannot actually see this due to all the screen facing backwards. I am sure most are taking pictures but the effect is the same.

Another potential reason for the replacement is the decline in smoking in the student body. Not many people smoke (cigarettes), I know two people who do, so there is not the prevalence of lighters. Also there would be the safety restrictions on any open flames near any large crowd of people. In fact my friend informs me that they were spraying/splashing water on the crowds to put out a fire of some sort (likely caused by a certain leaf based narcotic).

Overall I like the effect of the sea of cellphones, if I was photographing an event it would add a nice visual element to underline the main performance. The tick of course is to be about one or two feet higher then the crowd so that the sea is compressed into the same horizontal line.

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