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iPod Touch Alarm

Falling back to my phone.

Falling back to my phone (Franz Ferdinand in concert).

I really like my iPod Touch, I never knew how much I needed to check my e-mail when I was away from my laptop but could access wifi. The Maps are handy to have if preloaded and being able to somewhat estimate a location based on nearby wifi is neat, I have used it to find the right place to get off a bus.

The alarm clock feature has been disappointing. Namely an alarm does not go off if the volume is set to 0. I have also had an alarm simply not go off before. Fortunately in both cases I woke up on my own near the time I had set the alarm, but it is still disconcerting to have an unreliable alarm clock.

So I have reverted back to my phones alarm clock. The thing I loved about the Touch’s alarm was the many different ones I had, the snooze system and the ease of use. The reliability is causing me to revert to another system.

Admittedly it could be user error as I have been sick and have set the alarms when I was very tired. Maybe in a week the reliability will get better.

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Keeping Time

An superb pocket sundial.

An superb pocket sundial.

Cell phones run off a network time.

My computer runs off a network time.

High precision watches and clocks are constantly corrected by radio (I think NIST does this).

And yet I want a pocket sun dial.

I just wish I could combine a compass and a sundial. Get a foldable light fin to put on top of the south part of the needle (the one that points north) so it auto-aligns for the right time.

There is a definite market for this, namely myself and maybe a handful of others.

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