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A sweet capacitor bank.

A sweet capacitor bank.

Last fall UCSB registered the most new voters out of any US college campus, as a result we are getting a free Death Cab for Cutie concert.

To get in they started handing out wristbands (acting as tickets) at about 9 o’clock this morning. Some people camped out the night while other showed up in the wee hours of the dawn. I had class at nine so I walked by the line, hoping that it would not be too bad after my class.

After class I waited for roughly thirty minutes and got a wristband guaranteeing me entrance to the concert tomorrow night.

An hour later I walked by and saw no line and still wristbands available, glad I did not wait all night.

To be fair I don’t think I have heard much Death Cab for Cutie but the factors such as friends and free have enticed me to go.

Hope I like them, I have a general relativity midterm the morning after the concert.

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